How to Master the Floater in Basketball (6-Step Guide)

How to Master the Floater in Basketball (6-Step Guide)


The floater will be some of the environment friendly photographs in basketball…

…if gamers spend sufficient time engaged on it.

Analytics inform us that open three-point photographs and layups are nonetheless the perfect methods to complete a possession when you will get them, however I’m an enormous fan of a well-practiced floater.

It’s an effective way to take advantage of the in-between house within the lane that defenders usually concede in an effort to remove these much-feared layups and threes.

A floater can benefit from drop protection or defenders back-pedaling to the rim.

And as a result of it’s executed within the stream of motion, the timing of a floater’s launch is fast and infrequently unpredictable for blocking defenders.

Below I’ll present you learn how to shoot one.

What is a Floater in Basketball?

There’s some disagreement over learn how to outline a floater…

Some folks insist it’s solely an actual floater if it’s taken off two ft (one foot can be a runner).

Others insist it’s solely an actual floater if executed one-handed (two fingers is extra of a “ jump shot”).

The precise definition isn’t vital to me.

The shot I’m describing at present is any high-arching shot, over any incoming defender, that you simply execute on a drive to the ring, exploiting the house between the strains of protection.

Whether you soar off one foot or two ft and the way you launch the ball will range relying on the state of affairs and what you’re most snug with.

How to Shoot a Floater in 6 Steps:

1. Identify the Space

The first step is figuring out the place on the ground you’re going to be utilizing your floater.

When engaged on this shot throughout a exercise, follow as if there’s a defender in your hip and one other defender stepping up late to offer assist.

The house between these two strains of protection is the place you wish to take off from, releasing the ball excessive and smooth over the incoming second defender.

2. Start Slow

The most aesthetically pleasing floaters are quick, mid-run, high-arching photographs.

It will be tempting to assume quickness is vital to the effectivity of a floater, but it surely’s not as vital as steadiness and management… particularly whenever you’re first studying them.

When working towards your floater, begin sluggish.

Start by working towards no-dribble floaters with simply a few steps to set your self up.

Then, drive to the rim at half-speed and pull up at an identical vary till you’ve acquired actual management of every of the steps under, after which begin rushing up your drives.

I’d advocate beginning with a two-foot soar earlier than shifting onto one-foot floaters, because the extra steadiness + management you have got, the better they’ll be to execute.

3. Keep Your Head Up

Many gamers hamper their floater earlier than they ever launch it.

They do that by holding their head down as they drive into the lane.

A floater takes benefit of the house between the protection, and you’ll solely ensure that house is on the market to you when you can see it.

Keep your head up.

4. Go Up Straight

The fundamental floater is a near-vertical soar.

Remember — you’re exploiting the house between recovering defenders…

…so when you’re letting your momentum carry you too far forwards, you’re decreasing the house between you and the rotating defender and thus decreasing the house you need to shoot.

The defender below the basket is prone to be tall with an extended attain, so that you don’t wish to get your launch near the place they’ll swat it away. 

Jumping forwards additionally makes it extra doubtless you’ll decide up an offensive foul.

5. Release High

When capturing a floater, you wish to launch the ball simply earlier than the height of your soar.

Release the ball too late and also you mess up the rhythm of the shot, in addition to give the defender additional time to rotate and probably block the shot.

6. Practice Variety (and Get within the Reps)

No protection goes to offer you a straightforward drive and wide-open floater out of your favourite spot.

That’s why it’s vital to follow floaters from a wide range of totally different areas and angles.

  • From the highest

  • From the wing, with backboard

  • From the wing, with out backboard

  • From the baseline

  • From totally different distances

  • Different arc heights

  • and so on

The footwork earlier than your floater is vital as effectively…

Practice a wide range of drives main as much as your floater.

  • Going left

  • Going proper

  • Euro step

  • Speed change

  • Jump cease

(the euro step floater is demanding of your steadiness and coordination, however is a vital ability to grasp for conditions when the assistance defender closes down quicker than you anticipated)

Some of those totally different strikes would require barely adjusting your kind.

You gained’t be leaping fairly so vertically with a euro step floater or squaring your shoulders the way in which you’ll with a soar cease floater – so construct as much as them as you construct confidence.

Master the fundamentals and be sure you follow many various conditions.


The finesse of the floater could make it seem like a tricky shot to understand.

And admittedly, it’s not the simplest ability to grasp on the courtroom…

But it’s a extremely replicable shot, particularly helpful for undersized gamers, and intensely useful in opposition to fashionable defenses.

It doesn’t take vary, it doesn’t take measurement, it doesn’t take energy – it solely takes work, repetition, and self-discipline.

Find your house, maintain your head up, and shoot with management.

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