How to Throw an Overhead Pass in Basketball (3-Step Guide)

How to Throw an Overhead Pass in Basketball (3-Step Guide)


While not as frequent because the chest go or bounce go, an overhead go is a obligatory different that may and needs to be utilized in particular conditions.

Overhead passes are typically used to “slingshot” the ball additional than a typical chest or bounce go, and are additionally repeatedly used when guarded carefully by a defender.

The textual content under will assist you determine the proper conditions by which to throw an overhead go, and we’ll additionally go over the right approach.

How to Throw an Accurate Overhead Pass

Step #1 –  Is it the right time to make use of one?

Especially for youthful gamers, it may be tough to find out which sort of go needs to be thrown by which scenario.

Here are 3 examples of occasions all through a recreation the place an overhead go is a good suggestion:

a. To throw over a good defender

If a defender is shut sufficient that you simply’re unable to throw a chest go or bounce go, your solely choice could also be to go the ball straight over the defender’s head.

b. When you want a strong, lengthy throw

Another frequent scenario the place gamers ought to use an overhead go is when they should make an extended go down the court docket.

This could also be after a rebound or turnover when your staff is seeking to quick break, or it may very well be after the opposite staff scores and also you’re making an inbounds go.

Either means, the overhead go can serve to get the ball up the court docket a lot faster than by dribbling or throwing a shorter go to a more in-depth teammate.

c. To make a “skip go” across the court 

Overhead passes can also be used when you are passing the ball from one side of the court to the other within a half-court possession.

This typically means the ball needs to travel over multiple defenders, where a chest pass may be intercepted and a bounce pass isn’t an option.

The overhead pass is preferred because it has more arc and more power so it’s not as easily deflected or stolen by the defense.

Step #2 – Use the correct technique

Here’s what you need to remember when throwing an overhead pass:

(1) The ball will start at your chest or above your head.

(2) Take a step toward the teammate who is the intended recipient of the overhead pass — preferably with your dominant foot, but it depends on which is your pivot foot.

(3) After planting the foot that takes the first step, push off the back foot to create enough power to throw a long pass across the court

(4) Step forward with the back foot, release the ball forward, and follow through.

Step #3 – Throw to where your teammate might be, not the place they’re proper now

In lots of the conditions detailed above, it is doubtless that your goal is shifting. 

If you are being carefully guarded and have picked up your dribble, your teammate may very well be working in direction of you or to a special spot on the court docket as a way to get open.

Or, if you happen to’re making an extended go down court docket, your teammate could also be sprinting away from you as a way to beat the defenders who’re shortly transitioning again.

Whatever the scenario, it is essential to go the ball to the place you need your teammate to catch it, to not the place they’re standing in the mean time you might be releasing the go. 

This is one thing that may be tough to understand for youthful gamers, however will solely enhance by training and utilizing overhead passes in full-speed conditions. 

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